who are we?


Tutto Food Co. is a small company specialising in paella, which continues to be the backbone of our business. What does Tutto mean? It’s the Italian word for “everything, everyone, whole” – this speaks to our philosophy that good food is everything, it should be for everyone and it makes life whole. 

Tutto Driving Principles 

As a market and events team member you are the face of the business and we need you to understand the principles that drive our little company and to apply them in your work with us. We believe in the power of these principles as life skills, as they have helped us to get where we are today. 

1.   Great product

Food is what makes our world go round and we want to share with our customers. It is of the utmost importance that our food is always of the highest possible quality and that it is consistent, i.e. it must always have the same delicious look, taste and texture. You therefore need to be extremely aware of your cooking process. You need to follow the recipe strictly and learn the method perfectly. 

2.   Outstanding service

We take pride in what we put out into the universe as individuals – a person’s quality of work is a representation of who they are. We consider ourselves true professionals and that means giving our customers the best possible experience. Everything we do is considered from the customer’s perspective, as without them we are just an idea – they make our business real.

3.   Solid working relationships

We are a team. Without one another we cannot move forward and everyone on the team plays an important role: from the kitchen team who prep all our ingredients so beautifully and do all the washing up; to our market and events staff who do the cooking and serving, keeping our customers coming back for more. All members of the team need to view the company as a whole and to have respect for the value that each position adds whilst also trying to keep an eye out for any potential issues – we all need to help check one another sometimes. 

4.   Continuous learning and personal development

This one is up to you – how you view your work with us will determine how much you get out of it. As entrepreneurs we take every work experience as a learning opportunity. There have been some tremendous highs and some real lows, and every one of those experiences has enabled us to develop the way we view doing business. Without that we would not be where we are today.