Each team has at least one Tutto veteran who has been around for a long time and can be deferred to if you are unsure of anything. These experienced Tutterinos know how we like things to be done so it’s important to listen to any feedback they may give you. Other than this everyone on the team gets stuck in and shares the workload equally.  

Suggestions and feedback

We have believe in keeping the lines of communication very open and encourage you to make any suggestions you may have for the improvement of the company to your managers and to Dan and Clem. 

We also encourage you to make special mention of anyone on the team who you feel is making an outstanding contribution. 

Open door policy

We are all only human, and do not always see eye to eye. Therefore if you have any grievances we urge you to try and work it out between yourselves but if it reaches the point where you are unable to do this, talk to Dan and Clem directly. If you feel that anything is not happening as it should we want you to tell us about it so that we can address the issue and we can all move on. 


Communication is the number one key to keeping relationships in check – in your work and your personal lives, so please communicate with us as much as you can.