Work attire

What we wear and how we wear it sends a message. To take pride in our appearance expresses to our colleagues and our customers that we are a team, a cohesive working unit, proud of ourselves, each other and our company. 

Unless otherwise specified, you are expected to wear the following to work:

  1. Black or yellow closed shoes 

  2. Dark long jeans/trousers

  3. Yellow Tutto t-shirt

  4. Black apron

  5. Tutto straw hat


Do not use your black apron for loading and offloading – this damages them and makes them dirty for your shift at the market/event venue. Use the old blue striped aprons for this. 

Clothes and shoes clean and free of rips or holes.

Hair to be neat and clean. Long hair or braids must be tied up, not dangling down, and totally out of the face. 

Face to be either clean-shaven or beard very neatly trimmed.

Hands and nails to be clean, nails cut short. Nail polish is fine but must be removed if chipped.  

Do not wear strong scented deodorant or fragrance to work.

No chewing gum.

Work station

How we treat our working environment and equipment is a sign of how we treat one another, both at that moment and for those back at the kitchen who send and receive our equipment and ingredients. The manner in which you treat your working environment also sends a clear message to customers about what we feel they deserve, which is the best possible food and service, of course.

For all events, the stall/work station must at all times be:


Boxes under the table, coolers neat, stock and oil bottles out of sight under the burners, gas bottles neatly stowed, no mess on the table, no unnecessary clutter anywhere, dustbin with lid on and out of sight if possible, pick up items lying on the floor in and around the stall etc.


With a dry cloth, wipe down coolers, rice buckets, stock and oil bottles, table-top etc, so that dirt and stains do not build up. Do not leave damp cloths lying in a bundle – bacteria will build up and get onto your hands. 


Use gloves at all times when handling food and change between ingredients, wash hands and use sanitizer often, wear Tutto hats at all times when working in the stall, do not use dirty knives to cut fresh food, do not use tasting forks more than once on either side and always throw away immediately, throw out all rubbish as you go, make sure ingredients are kept cool in the cooler at all times – top up with extra ice if it there is stock left over, keep the lids of the coolers properly closed whenever you are not using them.


Someone must always be at the stall, the cash box must never be left unattended, the cash box must be cleared of large notes regularly and this money kept in the money manager’s money pouch, there must always be a fire extinguisher and fire blanket to hand, you must always have hose clamps on both ends of gas pipes, gas regulators must be properly screwed in, gas bottles must be switched off when not in use excluding serving times, always check that burner knobs are switched off before turning on the gas, no items must be left where people can trip and fall, knives must be used with caution, in the case of injuries use the first aid kit to clean and bandage wounds and do not allow any contamination of the food area, etc. 

Well stocked: 

Refill tins with cutlery and napkins throughout the day, make sure there is enough serving ware to hand, make sure enough lemons have been cut etc.