Code of conduct


As brand ambassadors for Tutto, you represent who we are, so whether you are working at a market, a small private event or an enormous wedding, we need you to be on point at all times, from the moment you arrive to work to the time you leave. This applies to:




Who you are at work is a reflection of who Tutto is; therefore as a member of our team you undertake to uphold the following: 

  •  I will not be late to work because it lets the rest of the team down. If I am going to be late for reasons beyond my control I will notify Dan or Clem as soon as possible.

  • When I get to work, the job is my priority and I will give my full attention to this.

  • If I have any personal problems I will do my utmost to be a professional and put them aside for later. If I am unable to do this I need to explain myself to Dan or Clem and ask for some help and understanding.

  • I will be neat and tidy and wearing the required attire at all times. 

  • I will keep the stand neat and tidy at all times, cleaning up after myself, putting away dirty containers, closing cooler box lids etc.

  • I will always smile, greet my customer and speak to them confidently and clearly. I will be enthusiastic and friendly towards all customers, even if they do not return the feeling.

  • I will never return a customer’s rudeness with the same treatment. The customer is not always right but they are king, and I will treat them with good manners even if they do not treat me the same way. 

  • I will not flirt inappropriately, be crude or do anything to make people feel uncomfortable – both in my team and to my customers.

  • I will be sensitive to my teammates and respectful towards them. I will try to remember that I may not know what they are going through personally.

  • I will keep up a positive and energetic vibe – this means always keeping myself busy and upbeat, even when there are quiet moments.

  • I will not ever give an impression of sloppiness or lack of interest such as sitting on coolers while customers walk by, being on my phone and missing customer interactions, talking to teammates and making customers wait etc.  

  • I will only take breaks at the appropriate moments, i.e. when it is not a busy time and my team can manage without me for a few minutes. I will communicate to my team about this. If I want to take a cigarette or lunch break, I will go away from the stand and do this out of sight of customers/clients.

  • I will use communication as my first and most important tool for staying a productive member of the team. 

  • I will take pride in my work and do everything to the best of my ability.

  • I will act like a professional at all times.