Baba who?


Fresh from the team behind Tutto Food Co., Baba G is a little rotisserie deli focusing on the flavours of the Afro-Mediterranean. Spiced free-range chickens, in-house flatbreads and fresh salads make up our small menu that connects the shores of North Africa and the Middle East with southern Europe.


We have a strong focus on quality ingredients and in-house products. All our flatbreads are made with unbleached, stone-ground flour and left to develop for 24 hours. We make these front of house on our bread dome, brought back from a trip to Israel to learn the technique behind this ancient style of bread. Our chickens are sourced from a free-range supplier and are free from routine antibiotics and hormones - these are dusted with our own spice-blends and roasted on our French rotisserie till tender, juicy and golden. We have a beautiful selection of fresh salads and our lafa bar includes a selection of our in-house pickles, drizzles and dips. The aubergines used in our baba ganoush are roasted over an open flame giving this dip a wonderfully deep and smoky flavour - in fact we love it so much that it was the inspiration behind our brand name!


Come grab a quick (and delicious) bite from our little shop, where we offer a modern interpretation of some of the most ancient forms of street food.




Husband and wife team Daniel and Clemmy Forsthofer (both 32) joined the food industry six years ago when they left their jobs in the corporate world to start a small business specialising in paella. Over this time they have worked in the top food markets and festivals in Joburg as well as doing catering for private events.


Clemmy’s mother is a South African who grew up in Paris, which had a big impact on her culinary style with strong Morroccan and of course French influences, among others. As a child Clemmy would cook alongside her mom, learning classic techniques and understanding flavours. Being a small family they were fortunate enough to also travel quite a bit and this certainly contributed to Clemmy’s growing interest in the cuisines of Europe and North Africa. her childhood memories revolve around Sunday lunches at home, which were always at the centre of their time together -  her mother and she cooking up a storm and her father going into the veggie garden to pick fresh herbs. Dan and Clemmy started dating when they were 17 so he joined the picture early on and quickly began to share the family passion for cooking - and most of all, eating! Dan also had culinary influences from his mother’s side of the family - first generation Italians in South Africa - and his sister-in-law who is Israeli. His many trips to Israel as a child included some of his most important food memories. These personal experiences have come together to form Baba G, through which the couple hopes to share their passion for good food with Johannesburg.